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Passion, professionalism, innovation: these are the strengths we use every day to support the competitiveness and growth of Italian companies.

SACE SIMEST offers a wide range of insurance and financial products. We operate in 198 countries, with 900 employees and offices both in Italy and worldwide, guaranteeing stable cash flows and transforming the insolvency risks of 20,000 business customers into opportunities for development.

People are our greatest asset.

For this reason, our personnel management policies are centred on enhancing our human capital: we endeavour to create the best growth opportunities and ensure an optimal work-life balance. We promote a corporate culture based on the values of meritocracy and equal opportunities. We strive to prevent any form of discrimination and regard diversity as an asset.
SACE SIMEST offers its employees comprehensive, customised training. This is delivered in the most suitable manner, with a particular focus on innovation (classroom and online teaching, training on the job, distance learning, etc.). New recruits take part in a structured induction plan to facilitate quick and complete integration within the company.
For SACE SIMEST, objectives such as continuous improvement, the acquisition of new expertise and the enhancement of skills are of the utmost importance.

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Team spirit
Minimising conflict to maximise performance
What we want
Proactive approach
Offering original, personal added value to achieve shared goals
What we want
Finding cutting-edge solutions to meet new challenges, together with our partner companies
What we want
Professional excellence
Constantly investing in personal development and the upgrading of skills to ensure continuous growth
What we want
Commitment to customer satisfaction
Actively listening to customers in order to provide the best solutions for their needs
What we want
What we want
Servicing Area
The main figures in demand in this area are analysts and professionals for all business service functions such as Human Resources, Organisation and Communication. Opportunities can be found here for economics, humanities and science graduates with an excellent grasp of English and skills related to their area of interest
What we offer
Finance Area
The main figures in demand for this area are risk analysts, accounting experts and strategic planning specialists. The ideal candidate has a degree in economics or science and an excellent grasp of English.
What we offer
Business Area
The main figures in demand for this area are credit risk analysts, underwriters and account executives. The ideal candidate has a degree in economics or law and an excellent grasp of English.
What we offer
What we offer

Remuneration and incentive policies

SACE SIMEST's remuneration policy is based on the principles of internal fairness, competitiveness and meritocracy.

ased on these principles, SACE has put together a proportionate remuneration package consisting of three components - fixed, short-term variable and benefits - while maintaining a flexible and differentiated approach.

The salary gap between men and women is not particularly significant, showing that there is a substantial uniformity in pay.

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