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The partner of Italian companies for factoring services

We were created in 2009 as a factoring company, to meet the Italian companies’ need to support liquidity and strengthen their cash flow management. We offer a wide range of services for the factoring of receivables, dedicated to exporters and to suppliers to the public administration and large Italian industrial groups. We distribute our products through our commercial network and we have in place various collaboration agreements with organisations such as Poste Italiane, local bodies, business associations, and local banks.

SACE FCT is registered at no. 86 in the List of Financial Intermediaries provided for by Article 106 of the Consolidated Law on Banking (TUB); it is also an active member of the Italian Factoring Association (Assifact).

SACE Fct is wholly controlled by SACE.

Board of Directors

Simonetta Acri has been in SACE since 2003, where she has held various key positions, contributing to the development of new operational areas and giving a significant boost to the commercial network. Previously she worked at Regional Head Structured Trade & Export Finance for the Corporates & Investment Bank Division of Deutsche Bank, in charge of the Italian market and South Eastern Europe, and was head of the Trade Finance unit at Morgan Grenfell. She now holds the role of Chief Mid Market Officer.
In SACE since 2009, Rodolfo Mancini currently holds the roles of Chief Legal Officer of SACE and Chairman of SACE Fct. Previously, for fourteen years he was part of the management team of Mediocredito Centrale (Unicredit Group) as Head of the Legal Service, Compliance and Corporate Affairs. At the start of his career he worked in Italian and foreign legal offices, gaining significant experience in structured finance and in capital markets.

Board of Statutory Auditors

Paolo Mezzogori Chairman

Antonio Campobasso Standing Auditor

Irene Sanesi Standing Auditor


List of the local bodies with which SACE FCT has signed agreements and conventions:



Friuli Venezia Giulia - Lazio - Molise - Puglia


Brescia - Brindisi - Chieti - Como - Firenze - Lecce - Lecco - Milano - Pesaro e Urbino - Viterbo 


Aprilia - Assago - Bernareggio - Bresso - Brescia - Carbonera - Carbonia - Casalecchio di Reno - Castello di Godego - Cisternino - Crema - Fiano Romano - Galatone - Lari - Leini - Lodi - Lonato del Garda - Maglie - Matino - Melendugno - Melfi - Milano - Negrar - Palagiano - Pontecagnano Faiano - Portogruaro - Priverno - Rieti - Saltara - Sennori - Salò - Torre di Mosto - Urbino - Vigevano - Zola Predosa

Province of Mantua and Municipalities adhering to “Sbloccacrediti” (initiative by Lombardy’s Chambers of Commerce to help micro/small enterprises collect their receivables due from municipalities):

Bagnolo San Vito - Castel Goffredo - Castiglion delle Stiviere - Curtatone - Goito - Gonzaga - Mantova - Marcaria - Moglia - Ostiglia - San Benedetto Pò - Viadana - Virgilio - Volta Mantovana  

Office address

SACE Fct S.p.A.

Registered office Via San Marco, 21/A • 20121 Milan

Share capital 50,000,000.00 (sole shareholder) – Milan Companies Register – Tax code and VAT no. 06560010966

Registered at no. 86 of the List of financial intermediaries as per art. 106 of the Consolidated Law on Banking (TUB); I.E.C. no. 33610

Key documents

Financial statements

Documents relating to transparency

In this section of the website are the main documents relating to the transparency of the services offered by SACE FCT.

In particular, it relates to:

  • Guides – concern the Financial Banking Arbitrator (new body to settle disputes with banks)
  • Information sheets – contain information on the conditions and main characteristics of each operation or service offered by Sace FCT.

In particular, the Information Sheets and the Guides are available at the company offices as well as in this section of the website, so that they can be consulted, saved and printed.