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Caring for people

SACE SIMEST's excellence is based on people. Enhancing its employees and the quality of their lives is at the centre of programmes and initiatives that concern the professional and personal sides of their lives

Job satisfaction is pursued through welfare programmes that include the work-life balance, policies to promote the role of women and inter-generational dialogue, and the complete integration of employees with disabilities. SACE SIMEST also supports parenting, and in 2016 the retention rate for employees who took parental leave was 100%.

SACE SIMEST has also received the international BS OHSAS certification for the management of workers' health and safety, as described in the Workplace Health and Safety Policy. In addition to numerous welfare institutions provided for in the Sectoral Collective Bargaining Agreements (insurance and banking), other benefits are provided for the employees as specified in Second Level Bargaining Agreements and Company Regulations.

Furthermore, SACE SIMEST has received the BS OHSAS certification that sets an international standard for managing workers' health and safety, as described in our Workplace Health and Safety Policy.


Caring for the community

SACE promotes a company culture that will create value within and outside the organization, supporting activities involving the local communities.

In 2017 we were project leaders of #adottaunaclasse, part of the "Push to Open" (P2O) programme for students in their last years of high school to orient them to the world of work. The project, recognized for the accreditation of 50 hours of school-work and/or training credits, exceeds the traditional school-work initiatives because it combines the use of an e-learning platform, live streaming, chatting, and in-house training workshops.

With a view to sharing the value created in the company, we decided to "adopt" 14 classes from the "disadvantaged" upper secondary schools in a few Italian cities (Bari, Naples, Rome, Urbino, Florence and Rho) where we have an office, thus enabling 250 students to participate in the programme free of charge, combining corporate social responsibility with community service.

In the area of training we also support:

  • a scholarship to finance the education of two "enemy" students hosted by Rondine Cittadella per la Pace, an international student residence that each year hosts 30 students from areas of conflict
  • two scholarships for the Work Summer School for People for young researchers in relational studies
  • one scholarship for The Outstanding Student, that rewards talented upper secondary school students

SACE has also supported health research and prevention, collaborating with:

  • the Veronesi Foundation for the "Nutrition and Health" project
  • Komen Italy to permit programmes to prevent female tumours in financially and socially disadvantaged women

The company has also developed a solidarity and fund-raising event supporting breast cancer research, and contributed to the "Theatre and Music Rehabilitation" programme of the Lega del Filo d'Oro, aimed at developing potential in persons affected by deafness and blindness and multiple psycho-sensory disabilities.

SACE also promotes days devoted to blood donation in our Rome and Milan offices in collaboration with Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù and AVIS, respectively.

Lastly, SACE is a Corporate Golden Donor of the Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI), which protects Italy's artistic and natural heritage.