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The growth of italian companies is the core of our strategy

Italian companies are the essential pillar of our strategy. The new Business Plan for the next three-year period 2019-2021, sets the SACE SIMEST guidelines broadly in line with previous years.

In particular, the Hub must continue its deployed resources development path to support the export and internationalisation activities of companies, in particular of SMEs. .

This objective will be achieved through:

  • Improvement of SACE SIMEST’s capacity to intervene on operations which are strategic for the national economy
  • an increasingly digital, simplified and innovative commercial offer to better meet the needs of SMEs
  • enhancement of the service model dedicated to small and medium enterprises to enable greater penetration of the segment and initiatives to promote and disseminate the culture of exporting.

Where we start from: 2016-2018

In the 2016-2018 period, the Hub deployed 72 billion euro in total, exceeding by 11% the objectives set in the Plan

In a highly uncertain situation, SACE SIMEST continued its mission to support the export and internationalisation activities of Italian companies, maximising the resources available and, at the same time, guaranteeing the full economic and financial sustainability of its business model.

Resources deployed by SACE SIMEST

93 € bln
Resources deployed by SACE SIMEST for companies (2016-2019)
114,482 € mln
93 € bln
Resources deployed by SACE SIMEST for companies (2016-2019)
114,482 € mln

Initiatives to support Italian companies

  • Supply chain exports. The involvement of supply chains can become a key factor in the successful internationalisation of companies. Among the numerous initiatives undertaken in this sense is the finalisation of sub-supply agreements in strategic sectors for the country (oil & gas, electronics, automotive, aeronautical and shipbuilding, with over 5,000 companies involved).
  • Push Strategy. In order to improve the positioning of companies in Global Value Chains worldwide, we have launched the Push Strategy, under which the Hub makes available to important foreign counterparties medium/long-term lines of credit with the aim of facilitating the assignment of orders to Italian companies. The program, which is the result of a new proactive approach to support economic diplomacy, aims to increase the shares of export in high potential emerging markets where Made-in-Italy is currently underrepresented.
  • Service model. In keeping with the “one-door” model launched in 2016, which led to the establishment of the Hub, a new service model has been implemented for customers, providing for greater commercial focus by the sales network, the creation of a structure wholly dedicated to SMEs and the establishment of a single customer care unit in order to simplify access and points of contact.
  • Digital agenda. There are 5 services accessible online: subsidised loans, assessment of customers’ reliability, credit insurance, factoring, and credit recovery. In 2018 two new digital products were presented: Export Up and Company assessment.
  • Culture of export. As envisaged by the guidelines of the Plan, in order to promote a broader culture of export, to increase the number of exporting SMEs, and to encourage those already active on foreign markets to increase their operations, Education to Export was launched. The program aims to offer international development and growth opportunities through specialist content that is accessible online and offline through training seminars carried out in collaboration with important institutional counterparts.
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