International Working Group on Export Credits (IWG)

Established in 2012 subsequent to a joint initiative of the United States and China, the IWG is an international forum with the aim of negotiating a set of common rules on Export Credits to be shared by both OECD and emerging countries such as Brazil, China, India and South Africa, which are not part of the OECD Arrangement. 18 countries (including the European Union which represents 28 member states) participate in the IWG with delegates from their Ministries, ECAs and Eximbanks. The IWG meets three times per year under the rotating chairmanship of the Steering Group members (US, China, Brazil and the EU). In 2017 a Secretary General was established with the aim of ensuring continuity in the discussions.

Since the beginning of the process, SACE has been an active party within the EU delegation. Commencing from September 2017 Michal Ron, Head of International Business at SACE, was elected Secretary General of the IWG.